C#, MVC, SQL and... a lot of passion!

After graduation I started to work in the insurance business. Looking back at that moment, sometimes I am thinking, what if I would have chosen a different path?... you will understand soon why I am starting from beginning with a question, but let’s go further.

Being part of a young team with a lot of tasks, sooner I started to be overwhelmed by my daily job and, of course, started to complain of how stressful my workplace became. On one day, being tired of everything, I decided that next day my boss will have my resignation on his desk. Quitting was the best option, everything was decided and immediately I started to feel the pressure release.

Laying on my chair seatback, I was having my moment of freedom… thinking what I should do in the next days and how I will recover my lost free time. After an hour, somehow, a feeling of guilt was running through my mind: maybe I am quitting to easy, maybe I should give a try, maybe I need some help from my colleagues, but how, because also them are overwhelmed… or maybe… and then it strikes me: maybe I should try to teach my desktop to help me more than is doing right now.

I am speaking of course about automatization, because from that moment I started to use my programming skills to make my life easier. I took a closer look at the process and started to think how can I improve it and how can I help the others. Using VBA from Microsoft Access, at the beginning, continuing with SQL Server and later with C# MVC, I have helped my colleagues in different areas to improve processes and full-fill their daily task in an easier way.

My passion for programming brought me beautiful memories, a lot of satisfactions and the moment when I wanted to share my experience, so I decided to build this website to show how insurance business can have a good mix with information technology. If I would have chosen a different path, no one knows how my life would have been, but damn, that was a good choice.

Just... George

Lead Developer