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Egix Apps

Based on our insurance bussiness know-how, we are able to deliver standard aplication that can be be used as is or can be customized according to the client needs. Free of charge for a testing period, additional development will have smaller fee due to the fact that the core system is already built.

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Art for fun

Browse trough my collection of sketches and maybe it will inspire you to search new ideas on your artistic development journey. You have to believe that nothing is wrong when we are talking about the art and take every mistake(or failure) as a closer step to your achievment.

Sketch, paint, sculpture... in art everything is permitted...

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No matter that we are speaking about software, insurance or art, here you will find some ideas that might inspire you, so use it with good common sense to develop yourself. "Keep it simple" is your guidance in this journey and for sure, step by step, you will learn everything you want.

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When you are asking about reporting, please let us tell you that it is only the last piece of the puzzle. "Keep it simple" is your guidance in this journey. You are wondering WHY???

Let's have a step by step deeper analysis on that, to see how much you need to strugle, to finally have a report in front of your eyes...

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